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Peachy Clean's goal is for you to enjoy the home life you want and let us worry about the chores. Let us know how we can help, and we guarantee your experience with our professionals is enjoyable and satisfactory.

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Deep Clean


  • Clean Inside And Outside Of All Cabinets

  • Inside, Outside, And Top Of The Refrigerator

  • Inside, Outside Of The Oven And Burners

  • Stove Hood

  • Clean Outside Of All Appliances

  • Clean Inside And Outside Of Microwave

  • Clean Counter Tops

  • Clean And Polish Sink & Faucet

  • Remove Cobwebs

  • Sweep & Mop Floor

  • Empty Trash


  • Scrub The Bathroom Tub

  • Wipe Bathroom Walls

  • Steam Bathroom Floors

  • Clean Medicine Cabinet Outside

  • Clean And Disinfect Toilet

  • Scrub The Shower Glass Door And Rails

  • Clean All Windows

  • Dust And Wipe Vents

All Rooms

  • Clean All Baseboards

  • Wash All Windows

  • Wipe Light Fixtures And Fans

  • Clean Switches

  • Clean Window Sills And Tracks

  • Vacuum Carpets

  • Steam-clean All Floors

  • Remove All Cobwebs And Dust From Ceiling

  • Dust And Wipe Vents

  • Clean All Blinds


  • Wash All Reachable Windows

  • Clean And Shine Doors

  • Clean And Shine Light Fixtures

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